Benjamin Bott


"Puffin" Pouch

Image of "Puffin" Pouch

Benjamin Bott Minimalist Puffin one pocket pouch style wallet. Hidden solid brass snap closure. Fully hand saddle stitched with Japanese poly cord for a super clean and classic look. Edges hand burnished to a high-gloss finish.

Newly Added thread options

En Fuego
Electric Blue
Bubble Gum Pink


DIMENSIONS: 4.25” W X Approx. 3" H (closed)

Burro, a "ghost" style leather from Conceria Walpier in Italy, is simply mind blowing stuff. Those who love the patina / visible journey / patina aspect of vegetable tanned leathers can expect to have a special appreciation for this leather especially after holding and using it.

Some leathers naturally exhibit a beautiful bloom after a certain period of inactivity, which is usually easy to wipe or wear away. Burro, however, is coated in a thin but dense layer of wax/tallow that can take several days, weeks, or months to fade depending on how it is being used. Our first test wallet was carried daily for three weeks and still maintained about 60% of the white-ish wax/tallow layer. Beneath this layer lies a stunning medium-high sheen veg tan that will begin developing its own patina to form an even bolder contrast to the remaining tallow. Taken from DLS